4 April 2022

Westbourne School get their skate on!

Westbourne School sink their skates into a new activity!


Back in October 2021, Westbourne School, a top academic school based in Penarth, reached out as they were looking for extra curricular activities to take part in after school. After an initial discussion, they quickly booked in for a 6 week period which in consisted of a 30 minute group lesson, followed by a 30 minute free skate and the rest is history! We recently caught up with Laura, a teacher at Westbourne who has told us a little bit about the children’s skating experience so far.

“I started up the club because, being Canadian, I always loved skating and knew that although most of the children at Westbourne wouldn’t have had much exposure to the activity, it doesn’t take children long to pick up something like that.  It’s always fun to watch them take their first tentative steps out onto the ice, bambi legs and arms whirling on the first lesson, to see them begin to gain confidence as their balance improves.  They get half an hour with coaches which show them how to start off slowly to gliding along on one leg, then they have half an hour of free skating to put their skills to the test.  They are also taught how to get up safely when they fall and how to stop without hurting themselves or others.  By the end of the term they are all whizzing around with confidence, enjoying themselves enormously and getting some excellent exercise in the process.  Core muscles and gross motor skills are both strengthened and the children’s parents never cease to be impressed when they come at the end and see how much progress has been made.  It’s one of Westbourne’s favourite after school clubs and one that we will hopefully be taking part in for years to come.”

As Laura mentions, ice skating is a great form of exercise for children that can strengthen their core muscles, improve their balance and help gain confidence. With the help of our coaches, we have seen a huge improvement in not only the children’s skating, but it’s been great to see them bouncing into the arena with excitement week to week to get their skates on and hit the ice.

A great activity for both teachers, pupils and parents, ice skating can be hugely beneficial for both your physical and mental well-being.

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