British Ice Skating Skate UK - Tots

Course Summary

This programme is aimed at little ones aged 5 years and younger and consists of 4 stages. The skills acquired once Skate Tots is completed will enable the skater to progress on to the NISA Skate UK Levels 1-8 Basic Skills Programme.

Level 1:

  • Sit down and stand up (off ice)
  • Walk forward ten steps in skates (off ice)
  • March on spot (on ice)
  • Little man on spot (on ice)  

Level 2:  

  • March forwards ten steps on the ice
  • Sit and stand on the ice with help
  • March around on the spot in both directions
  • March forwards ten steps and two foot glide  

Level 3: 

  • March forwards and little man
  • March backwards 5 steps
  • Sit and stand on the ice independently
  • March forwards and touch head, shoulders, knees and toes whilst gliding  

Level 4:  

  • March forwards the full width of the rink
  • March forwards halfway and complete a half turn marching and then march backwards to the barrier
  • March forwards ten steps and three forward Lemons
  • Two foot jump standing still (from little man position)

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