Wales Synchronized Ice Skating Academy

Welcome to Wales Synchronized Ice Skating Academy 
Our Academy prides itself on delivering an athlete centered program for many ages and abilities.
Head Coach-Katrina Cotterrall Level 3 Ice skating Coach, MSc Coaching and Performance 

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We are a competitive club who competes all over the world. At present we have 3 teams-
Magenta Senior-An ISU team who compete at the highest level of Synchronized ice skating. We compete both nationally and Internationally for Great Britain. Magenta Senior predominately train Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 hours a week. We provide both on and off ice sessions, all sessions are led by experts in their field. Sessions include Ballet, Focus, Contemporary Dance, and Strength and Conditioning. 
Magenta Intermediate- This team is for skaters who are ready to take their synchro skating to the next level. Magenta Intermediate are newly formed and at present the athletes are growing together in skill and confidence. As with our Academy Senior team the training is predominately Friday through to Sunday. The Intermediate team currently train 5-6 hours a week and have Ballet on Tuesday's. Intermediates also train skills with Magenta Senior
Magenta Juvenile- A team that consists of beginner skaters/synchro skaters. Wales Synchronized Ice Skating Academy believe that offering this grass root level of training to young athletes and beginner skaters, prepares young skaters for a bright future in synchro. The Juvenile team currently have 4 hours of training a week, Ballet on Tuesday Evening's and the opportunity to train skills with our intermediate team. Training is predominantly held Friday and Sunday
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Your time with us in The Academy will not only allow you to Develop as Synchronized ice skaters, you will also develop life long friendships as you will be part of a team.
The resounding goal at The Academy is "Basics". Basics are the basis of any good athlete and our training program consistently revisits this theory through out the season
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"Excellence is not a singular act but a habit, You are what you repeatedly do"